Sunday, September 2, 2007

A Series of Miracles

I can't make up mind as to which miracle is more amazing. Is it the fact that Mike Pelfrey pitched one hit baseball through 6 innings en route to the Mets win on Saturday? Is it that Tom Glavine actually held the Braves in check at Turner Field while facing off against his buddy John Smoltz? Is it that Billy Wagner came in on Sunday and yet again gave up a run and brought the tying run to the plate only to get out of the inning?

But I think the real miracle is that the Mets were able to overcome their getting swept in Philadelphia and come into Atlanta and sweep the Braves.

I posted the past few days how we as Mets fans need to start believing in this team. For the first time in a long time, I see that this team is starting to believe in themselves. No one had an outstanding series, but each game someone came through when they needed it.

From John Maine on Friday, to Delgado & Pelfrey on Saturday, to David Wright on Sunday, the Mets finally played like a team on a mission.

I feel good about this team. I actually feel better about them after this series than when we had a 7 game lead. A true test of a champion is their ability to win when they need it.

And no team needed to win more this year than the Mets did this weekend.

Let's continue this streak with Pedro tomorrow.

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bryan said...

Right on the money. Well said. Great line about them believing in themselves.