Saturday, September 8, 2007

I Love Wins Like This

With the Mets down 2-0 last night, they showed to me that these are no longer the Mets of June & July. The Mets rallied to tie the game and then open up the flood gates to beat the Astros 11-3.

It was the type of game I love to see. It was close at first, the Mets come back, and then they crush their opponent like a grape. That's the killer instinct the Mets need to continue to have as the season comes to a close in 3 weeks.

Lastings Milledge showed he wants his starting job back making a stellar diving play in right field and then crushing a 3 run home run a little bit later. Milledge's catch was remarkable and I loved the fact that he popped right up after he made the dive to show everybody that he actually caught the ball. He looked like an excited little leaguer who was just as surprised as everyone else that he caught the ball.

The only concern I have from last night's game is Jose Reyes. Keith Hernandez pointed out an error in his swing in that he leans too far over the plate and tops curveballs while getting under fastballs. Reyes looks like he's trying too hard to crush the ball instead of slapping the ball the opposite way. I wish Reyes would take some tips from Luis Castillo who just continues to impress me as a hitter. I know Reyes will get out of the slump, but I'd like it to be before we play the Phillies again.

A day game today so be prepared for team B to make an appearance. I'm hoping Carlos Gomez gets the start in left. I've missed his energy and excitement.

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