Friday, September 7, 2007

The Enigma That Is the 2007 Mets

Ben Shpigel of the New York Times wrote a great article this morning about the oddity that has been the 2007 Mets. He starts his column with the following:

"The Mets have had more disappointments than celebrations in their 46-season history, but they are only about three weeks away from evening things out a little. Enjoying a relatively comfortable five-game lead in the National League East with 23 games to play, they are in reach of winning consecutive division titles for the first time, perhaps establishing that last season was the start of continued success and not only a case of catching the Atlanta Braves in a down year"

Shpigel goes on to make some really interesting points about this team compared to other winning Mets teams. The point that I think he's getting to, but doesn't come right out and say it is that the 2007 Mets don't have a "hook."

Like any musician will tell you a catchy pop tune needs a hook in the melody to make the song applicable to mainstream audiences. You know the tune that gets stuck in your head all day. Right now the Mets don't have a hook.

Sure we have one of the most exciting players in the game in Jose Reyes and a potential MVP candidate in David Wright, but this team has been so inconsistent and lack luster in production at times that it's hard to notice those two guys. Plus there are a ton of other baseball story lines that are taking precedence like the fact that the Yankees are still struggling to secure the wild card, the Brewers are suddenly winning, the NL West is a shootout, and of course Rick Ankiel.

Last year's team had the hook of the Mets finally overcoming the Braves. The '86 team had the bad boys image and an unbelievable pitching staff. The 1969 Mets were a miracle team. Think about it what is the hook for the 2007 Mets? A team who can win with Scott Schoeneweis on the roster? The team of injuries?

The great thing is as a Mets Lifer we don't need a hook. We're with this team whether Shinjo is playing right field, Mackey Sasser is behind the plate or Bobby Jones is our #1 starter. With all the turmoil and ups & downs of this season, winning a division title and making a playoff run will make it all worth it.

Sure we don't have an "Actober" commercial, but if we have a shot at a World Series in October it won't really matter.