Friday, August 3, 2007

Willie Embraces Youth Movement

For the second time in three games, Lastings Milledge is not in the starting lineup. Instead, Dave “Juggernaut” Newhan, the future face of the Mets organization is playing. Have we’ve been waiting for this or what Mets fans? Can’t you just see it …Reyes, Wright and Newhan roaming the grounds at Citifield for the next decade? No, doubt.

Newhan is so much better than Milledge that he has been called up for his 4th tour of duty from AAA. Who cares if Milledge leads the team with runs batted in since the All-Star game. You think that matters? Heck no, and thankfully we have a manger who doesn’t believe in those silly stats. He goes with his gut and his gut is telling him to go with the future and that future, ladies and gentlemen, is Dave “Juggernaut” Newhan. Willie has so much confidence in this offensive machine that he’s putting him in there against Carlos Zambrano, one of the toughest pitchers in the National League. What more do you want from a manager than to exhibit that kind of faith in young players? Dave Newhan must feel so good about this sign of confidence. He certainly feels better than Milledege. Great job, Willie. Great job.

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dave said...

This is hysterical. Juggernaut Newhan, I love it.

But it is kind of sad that Willie keeps doing this to Milledge. You'd think Milledge was dating Willie's daughter the way he's treating him.