Thursday, August 2, 2007

Baseball & Bonds in San Francisco

I'm in San Francisco for a technology conference and feel disconnected from the everyday happening of the Mets. But I was excited to be in the city by the bay, especially with Bonds chasing the home run record. I figured what better place to be than San Fran when Bonds ties or breaks Hank Aaron's home run record.

The buzz on streets is phenomenal. You can feel the excitement in every sports fan you meet. Wait a second, that's a total lie.

It's amazing how uninterested the average San Francisco resident is. I have yet to see a Bonds jersey, a Giants hat, or even a t-shirt as I've walked up and down the hilly streets of San Fran.

You can't walk a block in New York without seeing a Reyes or Jeter jersey, even at 10 am in the morning. Where are all the Giants fans? Where is the buzz? Sports restuarants and pubs on the streets aren't even promoting events to watch upcoming Giants games.

Has San Francisco joined the rest of the baseball world in just wanting Bonds to fade quietly into the woodwork. Maybe. I'm sure AT&T Park will still sellout the next time the Giants are home, and every other fan will have a Bonds jersey, but those people must be in hiding for now.

Maybe they're nervous that Bonds' slump will continue and he won't hit another home run for the rest of the season.

We can only hope.

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bryan said...

I hope he gets hurt. Hate the fact he's going to break the record simply by cheating.