Sunday, September 9, 2007

Mets Have Won 8 of 9 Since Philadelphia

The Mets swept the Houston Astros on Sunday afternoon behind another good showing from Pedro Martinez. Pedro has looked shaky at times, but what makes his performance great is his ability to get out of those jams without giving up a run.

Moises Alou provided another home run to help boost the Mets offense. By the way, what has Shawn Green been eating these days. All of a sudden he's a doubles machine which begs the question who would you rather have at first? Delgado or Green? Something to ponder.

This was actually the first series the Mets have swept at home this year which is unbelievable considering the Mets have been in first place since April. David Wright got a day off so be prepared to see team A back on the field when the Braves come into town tomorrow.

Also, does anyone find it surprising that DiFelice hasn't played in like a week, even with a day game after a night game on Saturday? I'm not complaining though.

Tough test for the Mets in the next two series as the Braves and Phillies roll into town. Hudson and Smoltz are expected to pitch for the Braves and you know the Phillies think they own us.

But for some reason, now more than ever, I have total confidence in this Mets team. What a difference 2 weeks make.

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