Monday, July 2, 2007

Will Delgado Turn It Around?

Carlos Delgado loves Philly. It's not the cheese steaks. Or the Liberty Bell. Or that he loves fans that heckle as an artform. He loves the fact that every fly ball he hits has a chance to be home run.

Delgado had a great series against the Phillies including a couple of homers, RBIs, and a series average that floated around .500.

So is this the series that Delgado needed to turn his season around?

Not yet. But there's hope. Delgado for the first 3 months of the season has been swinging at horrible pitches which was always one of his strong suits in years past. Balls up and away in the zone that Delgado was swinging at made Carlos Gomez look like a disciplined hitter.

There was a time that balls down and in to Delgado were guaranteed to be crushed to right field. Not any more. But this Phillies series showed me something I hadn't seen in a while.

Delgado still has some fire in his belly.

The fist pumps were back at first base after a great play. Delgado was tossing his bat like a hammer throw when he swung at a bad pitch. He got to do his little jive with Reyes after a couple of homers.

Delgado has been a walking zombie for a long time. It seemed like the slump was just a way of life. I was pleased to see that a few hits, RBIs, and runs can rejuvenate him.

We need him down the stretch and I'm hoping the altitude of Colorado will continue to boost his confidence.

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bryan said...

Hey is such a big part of this team. We need him.