Monday, July 30, 2007

Man Crush on Ruben Gotay

There are a few men that I openly admit I have a man crush on: Jack Bauer (no, not Keiffer), Mark Wahlberg (ever since Three Kings), David Boreanaz (Angel/Bones), and now Ruben Gotay.

If you don't know what a man crush is, here's a link to an article discussing the topic, but it's basically an affection from one heterosexual male to another. And Ruben Gotay has my admiration from this point further. Now my man crush has nothing to do with Gotay's looks although some may find him handsome. But it is more about what he has done for me lately (I'm very needy).

Gotay has been a consistent bat in the lineup since he was called up in June. The man is batting .350 with a slugging percentage over .500. And it seems that every time he is up and a man is on second there's a base hit to score a run. Gotay has been clutch. He has been smart at the plate.

Ok, so his fielding needs some help, but Gotay recognizes that and he's been seen working with Sandy Alomar, Sr. for hours before games working on turning the double play. That's what I love to see.

I find myself getting psyched when Gotay gets up to the plate. I even giggle a little when he gets a 2-0 count because I know that next pitch is going to be slapped into the gap for a base hit. I like Ruben Gotay batting #2 behind Reyes. It gives the Mets so many options. He can do a hit & run. He can let Reyes steal second and get him in with a slap to right-center. He can bunt. The options are endless.

I hate it when Willie Randolph bats Gotay eighth. I think it shatters his confidence, but he still performs! Bat him anywhere at this point.

Now a year from now I might look back at this and so Ruben who? But for now I'm riding this Gotay train wherever it takes me. Forget these trade talks for second basemen. Tell Damion Easley and Anderson Hernandez to find the leftovers from seat cushion day because they're going to be sitting on the bench for a long time.

My man Ruben Gotay is taking over.

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