Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Jose Reyes Botched Hit and Run

I recently posted about the debacle that happened in the 7th inning last night with Gotay getting thrown out at second in the 7th inning with Reyes at the plate.

According to post game interviews, Willie Randolph called a hit and run, but Reyes failed to swing so Gotay was left on his own to try and steal second.

Reyes admitted he "froze" at the plate on that hit and run play. The pitch was the most perfect fastball down the middle, and Reyes just looked at it.

This is just weird because Reyes is a free swinger. In an at bat earlier he swung at a pitch in the dirt and then two pitches way off the plate to strike out. But when he sees a perfect strike he doesn't know what to do? Call it brain freeze if you want, but whatever it is just adds to the Mets woes at the plate.

I do like the idea that Willie Randolph is calling some hit and runs more often. He hardly ever calls them so hopefully he's trying to will his team out of this slump by manufacturing some runs.

We all know we need some runs.

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Dan in Texas said...

I think you guys hit it right on the head a few days ago, bad approach, bat timeing and bad luck all rolled into one.