Wednesday, July 25, 2007

John Maine Gives Great Start to Home Stand

Any time your pitcher delivers the biggest blast of the night, you know it's a good night. John Maine was stellar both on the mound and at the plate last night going 7 innings and only allowing 2 runs while picking up 2 RBIs on his first home run of the year.

He looked like he took a Beltran swing on that home run. Both hands on the bat with a solid follow through. It was picture perfect for a guy who normally looks like Mr. Magoo at the plate.

The youngsters played exceptionally well last night, specifically Gotay and Milledge. Gotay has got to be the best hitter for the Mets with runners in scoring position. In the first inning with the Mets down 1-0 and Reyes on second, Gotay comes through with a double down the third base line.

Lastings Milledge added some icing to the cake with a 2 run blast to make it 8-2. The great part about Lastings is that every home run he hits, he does the Manny Ramirez "stop and stare" before remembering that Willie Randolph is going to clean his clock if he doesn't start running. I love it.

One down, two go. Keep it rolling.

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