Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Mets Fans Not Used to Being in First Place

I think we can all agree that the Mets have been playing pitiful baseball of late. Wait, worse than pitiful, but I'm lacking a word that accurately describes it. Mets fans are posting to blogs and calling talk radio acting as if this is the end of the Mets season.

Yet we still sit perched atop the NL East standings ahead by 2 games.

I don't think we as Mets fans have gotten used to winning yet. Last year was a dream for us. We kept pinching ourselves wondering if it was really. Finally, we woke up thanks to Yadier Molina and have gone about our normal ways of suffering.

Mets fans need to start having confidence in their team. I laugh at the Yankees fans that call WFAN and say they will still make the playoffs this year. Even sports analysts are debating the fact that the Yankees will still make the playoffs. Don't they realize they are 10 games back and not even above .500!

There's a confidence in the team that regardless of the situation, the team will pull through. Mets fans have had a good 18 years since we've been able to think that way. Hopefully this team will prove to us that we can start having that mindset again. Starting with the Reds on Thursday.

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