Thursday, July 26, 2007

Mets Trade Rumors: Ronnie Belliard

This is the first rumor that I actually cringed when I heard. It appears Omar Minaya is interested in more than just one Washington National (why?). Chad Cordero tops the list but Mark Hale of the New York Post writes that second baseman Ronnie Belliard is one of the top choices for the Mets as a possible replacement infielder (again, why?).

Hale writes, "The Mets believe Belliard's the best offense-defense combination as they try to replace Jose Valentin. . ." What!?!?!?!

I refuse to believe this. You mean to tell me Ronnie Belliard is a better option that Mark Loretta or just sticking with Ruben Gotay? Are you on crack?

Don't recite to me Belliard's numbers. Yes, his stats are good for this year, but I'm not buying that he's the right mix for this ballclub. I'd rather stick with Gotay, give him another 100 at bats, than trading for an over-priced Belliard.

Not to mention the fact that my wife would refuse to watch another Mets game. Every game of the NLCS last year, my wife would ask me, "Who's that guy sticking out his tongue like a lizard? What's his problem? He's gross."

And honestly, I have to agree with her.

I'm chalking this up to just another notch in the rumor mill because I'd get too upset if it wasn't.

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bryan said...

I do not want this guy, also referred to as Lizard by my wife, on this team. He is a great fielder but I'd rather go with what we got. Other than getting Loretta, I am fine.