Friday, July 27, 2007

Everlastings Thrilledge

Call him colorful. Call him flamboyant. Call him Rickey Henderson's protege. But I will deem him, Everlastings Thrilledge.

Let me be frank with you. I wanted to trade Lastings Milledge last year for Barry Zito. I would have done it a second. But now Thrilledge is causing me to reconsider.

This year Milledge is batting a respectable .262, but what gets me is his slugging percentage is .452. At this point I wouldn't mind seeing Milledge bat 5th or 6th in the lineup because he tends to have a knack for getting hits with runners on base.

Sure he's a little cocky and maybe he should calm down since he's really just a rookie, but at this point that's out the window. Willie Randolph might not treat him like one of his top players, but Milledge is certainly performing like one.

It makes me think of the day when Thrilledge and Gomez are at the corners of the outfield. Keep up the energy Everlastings Thrilledge. We'll need it.

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