Monday, July 16, 2007

Ken Griffey Jr. and Mets Trade Rumors

WFAN this weekend was packed with rumors about Ken Griffey, Jr. being traded to the Mets. Callers were talking about it. The hosts were discussing it. They even had the GM of the Reds on Saturday morning to talk about it. Of course the Reds GM denied any trades, but what else is he supposed to say.

The feeling is that Ken Griffey, Jr. would be willing to waive his no trade clause if he was being sent to a contender. He's already said he would be willing to be traded to the Braves (please, no) or the Padres (move to right field again, Mike Cameron).

Last thing I want to see is Griffey, Jr. in a Braves uniform. With Andruw Jones finally getting his act together and Chipper "Larry" Jones having another great season, Griffey's bat would be a force in that lineup.

But should the Mets get Griffey, Jr? Word is that they'd have to give up an out field prospect like Gomez or Milledge, plus a pitching prospect, like Pelfrey or Humber. All that for a 37 year old outfielder who is second only to Moises Alou in brittleness and who is a free agent in another year?

My feeling is I don't want him. Milledge and Gomez are both showing too much promise to be traded for a bat-for-hire. Now trade them for a stellar starting pitcher? That I'd do. But even though Griffey, Jr. is playing exceptionally well, I don't think we can give up either of those guys for him.

As far as other trade rumors, any trade with the White Sox appears to be dead. I'm still waiting for Manny Ramirez to the Mets trades to heat up again. Or at least an Oakland A's want Lastings Milledge trade to start a little buzz. One guy I'd be interested in is Dan Haren.

Only a few weeks left til the trading deadline!

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bryan said...

Interesting...I've been going back and forth on this with Griffey. I would not give up Gomez, and certainly not another pitcher in that package. I'd think about milledge straight up - but it wouldn't be easy. That would oviously be a 'Win Now' tade. Unfortunately, the lack of offense is focing Omar's hand here.