Monday, July 30, 2007

First Castillo, Next Gagne?

So now we have an official, solid, All Star second baseman in Luis Castillo. We welcome Castillo with open arms and an official spot at #2 in the top of the order (I still love you Gotay).

But as any good New Yorker would ask, what's next? Bullpen help should be the answer. The Yanks, Mets, and Red Sox are all pushing for Eric Gagne. What I did not realize until just a few minutes ago thanks to ESPN is that Gagne can block trades to any number of teams, except the Mets and Yankees.

Now I'd much rather have Chad Cordero than Eric Gagne, but the asking price for Cordero is too high in Milledge. Gagne is not the reliever we used to know, but he can still get the job done. The Mets need to pick up some bullpen help. If it's not Chad Bradford or Chad Cordero, I'd like it to be Gagne even over Dotel. That may be because of the bad taste Dotel left in my mouth the last time he was a Met but I have feeling that Gagne can still be a gamer and would thrive in the NY spotlight.

The Mets have more to offer than the Yanks do, but never underestimate George Steinbrenner. On the other hand, we do have Omar Minaya.

As long as we don't give up Milledge, Gomez, Gotay or Martinez, I'm interested in Gagne.

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Jose said...

I am happy that omar did a move for a second basement but again sad that it cuts short a nice start for Gotay. The good thing is we got a very good second basement for a cheap swap. All we need is for the carlos's to begin hitting and for reyes and castillo to begin loading the bases.

A big possibility we could run with the NL east but we do need an extra arm. Tomr the last day to upgrade . Lets get it done Omar