Monday, July 30, 2007

Luis Castillo to the Mets for Peanuts?

I'm too excited to even type write now. Via, word is that Luis Castillo is very close to being traded to the Mets for two minor leaguers (what?).

Matthew Cerrone writes: "According to Dan Graziano and Ed Price at the Star-Ledger, the two minor-league players could possibly be Double-A C Drew Butera and Single-A OF Dustin Martin." (are you kidding?)

Was Omar Minaya last seen wearing a mask because he's robbing the Twins! I hope this isn't just a bad joke because if the Mets can get Luis Castillo without losing my man crush, Ruben Gotay, or any of our top pitching prospects, that's as close to a no-brainer trade as there ever was.

Make it happen Omar! Reyes & Castillo at the top of the order, and Gotay can fill in as a pinch hitter! Love it.

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