Thursday, July 12, 2007

Could Roy Oswalt Join the Mets?

Hmmmmmmm. He might.

According to the Houston Chronicle: "If the Astros approached Oswalt and told him it would be better for the franchise's future to trade him, he told the Chronicle two weeks ago he would consider waiving his no-trade clause. During the Astros' four-game series against the Mets, Billy Wagner told Oswalt that playing in New York isn't that bad."

I guess "isn't that bad" is better than "don't play here." Thanks for the ringing endorsement Wagner!

Right now there's no other pitcher that gets me salivating more than the thought of Oswalt in orange and blue. More than Dontrelle Willis. More than Carlos Zambrano (can you imagine Zambrano & Lo Duca? Can you say fight night round 3?).

Anyway, I don't expect Oswalt to leave the comforts of Houston, but if there was a man who could get something done, it's Omar Minaya.

Here's to dreaming. Don't you just love Mets trade rumors?

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