Monday, July 30, 2007

Braves to Trade for Mark Teixeira

The Braves have added some more pop to their lineup. Or at least they will by tomorrow morning.

According to "A preliminary agreement has been reached between the teams for Atlanta to receive Teixeira and left-handed reliever Ron Mahay from Texas for catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia, minor league shortstop Elvis Andrus and two minor league pitchers."

Since the departure of Adam LaRoche, the Braves have been looking for a power 1st baseman and got possibly the best one available.

This trade doesn't bother me that much. I'm glad to see Saltalamacchia leave the division. I really like that kid and would love to see the Mets make a move to get him if possible. The Braves pitching is what scares me. Adding another bat to the lineup doesn't change much for me. As long as the Braves don't get another starting pitcher, I'll still feel confident that the Mets can take the Braves down the stretch.


The Adjunct Professor said...

This one does scare me. The Braves are too much in the thick of things. The Mets should have been able to run away with it and they couldn't. Another bat in the Braves lineup makes they tougher, and the Mets have yet to do anything. I disagree with another post of yours and would really love to see them add some depth to their starting pitching.

While Glavine is on the brink of 300, he has not been lights out this year,in fact, far from it. El Duque can't give you more than six innings, is getting old (what do I mean getting) and has been inconsistent. They do not have a number five starter and going down the stretch, I do not feel comfortable with Perez and Maine as the most reliable starters.

Just my thoughts.

bryan said...

I agree about Texiera and the Braves. Mets blew their chance to run away it now it's going to be a real race. Well said.

although I think their top priority is sill in the bull pen. Another quality starter would be nice, but I'm more willing to go with what we have in the starting rotation than I am with what we have in the pen. I think we can get by - considering other teams' staff - with our starters. But not the pen as it is.