Tuesday, July 31, 2007

NL East is Hurting

The NL East is in need of a medic and that might be why the trade rumors around the league are mostly about NL East teams. The Mets have Lo Duca banged up, Beltran ready to go on the DL, and Alou could be gone on any given day. The Phillies lost Chase Utley & Ryan Madson and now Shane Victorino and Michael Bourn are out.

While the Braves aren't necessarily injured, they went from being in second place and a game and half out to being in third place in the matter of a week.

And so the trade rumor mill turns.

The Braves are rumored to be getting Octavio Dotel to add to Mark Teixeira. The Phillies added Tad Iguchi. The Mets got Luis Castillo and are looking for another arm in the bullpen.

So it should be a busy day. I hear Victor Zambrano is available.

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