Monday, July 16, 2007

David Wright & 0-2

It seems that every time David Wright steps up to the plate, he's down 0-2 after the first two pitches.

Now last year, I wouldn't mind it so much as he was one of the top batters in the majors with 2 strikes. But I've seen him strikeout way too much already this season that he needs to start getting ahead in the count.

I like that Wright is swinging at some first pitch fastballs. Keith Hernandez has been talking about this in the booth that the Mets' hitters (ahem Beltran, Delgado) need to start looking for a first pitch fastball and make pitchers pay for throwing heat on the first pitch. The problem with Wright is that if he swings at the first pitch, he almost always takes the second pitch. And vice versa is true.

Wright has a 6 game hitting streak going for him which is good, but he's still struggling to get big hits with runners on base. Let's hope now that Howard Johnson is the hitting coach, he can help tutor Wright just as he did in the minors.

We know we need David Wright to be big in the second half if this team is going to go anywhere in the postseason.

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