Friday, July 27, 2007

Uninspiring Effort as Nats Defeat Mets

Well it’s good to be home, but no so good watching tonight’s game as the Mets reverted back to their sleep walking ways. Once again, the bats were silenced by another mid-level pitcher. Mike Bacisk, a former Met, threw 7 innings and allowed only 2 runs as the Nationals evened the season series 3-3.

Even the long-awaited return of Moises Alou couldn’t help energize this bunch, although he did hit a double off the wall and lined out hard to deep left. David Wright looked really clueless, or rather tired as he went 0-3 with a strikeout and a feeble ground out with, yet again, men on base. I love David but every time I see his stats flashed on the screen, I’m amazed he only has 62 RBIs.

The Jorge Sosa honeymoon is just about over. After a surprisingly good start at 6-1, Sosa is 1-5, with a terrible ERA. He is just serving the ball up similar to what BP looks like for hitters. Maybe he gets one more start but I wouldn’t be surprised if Pelfrey takes over that slot until Pedro returns (fingers crossed).

So with the home stand off to another slow start, it is important for the Mets to win at least 2 of the next 3 in order to save face and have a winning home stand. And just for the record, going 4-3 against Pittsburgh and Washington is pretty inexcusable for this club, but then again, I’m getting used to this consistently inconsistent season. From the looks of it, the Mets are too.

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