Wednesday, July 11, 2007

LaRussa Forgot That This One Counts

Hey Tony LaRussa! Wake up from behind your sunglasses (only Jack Nicholson is allowed to wear shades at night). How about a little managing?

I mean I know it's just the All Star Game, but talk about mismanaging your personnel, LaRussa marched out a pitcher every inning without thinking that it might go extra innings. If the NL tied it in the 9th (like they should have) we would have been stuck with Valverde pitching the rest of the night?

But my big issues is with LaRussa not pinch hitting Albert Pujols in the 9th. First of all who doesn't want to see Pujols up with the bases loaded. Hmmmmmm. How about every AL pitcher? I know Aaron Rowand is having a great season, but come on he's no Albert Pujols. Besides, it would have been a great spectacle for the fans. K-Rod vs. Pujols. That's a fantastic showdown.

But no. LaRussa wanted to do a favor for his old friend Jim Leyland. Hey we beat you in the World Series last year, so how about I give you the All Star game?

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