Saturday, July 28, 2007

Is Beltran Injury A Blessing in Disguise?

As I predicted in an earlier post, Beltran's abdominal injury appears to be one of those injuries that will plague Beltran for the rest of the year. He might not return to the lineup until next Tuesday, and the Mets are even considering the DL.

It's just another woe in what has become an interesting season. Or is it?

Of course when you hear the name Beltran and injury, you think it's got to be a blow to the Mets lineup. But I beg to differ. We haven seen Beltran struggle mightily at the plate and he as been Mr. Anti-Clutch with runners in scoring position.

With Beltran out, it allows my new favorite outfielder, Everlastings Thrilledge (i.e. Lastings Milledge), to play his native position of center field. Milledge can look out of place at time in left which is a position he is still learning, but I believe that since he is more comfortable in the field it will also make him more comfortable at the plate.

Milledge is already having a great homestand batting over .400 with 2 home runs. And is there anyone on the Mets who has performed better with 2 outs and runners in scoring position? Even this Saturday afternoon against the Nationals, with Delgado on third and Castro on 1st with 2 outs, Milledge crushed the ball off the left field fence to score Delgado.

Now imagine what would have happened if Beltran was up?

Beltran is an asset to any ball club, but I think having him out and allowing Milledge to play every day in his native position may be just what the Mets need.


Jose said...

I am a Milledge and Beltran fan, but I am happy that Milledge is getting a chance to play at his true position as well. I greatly hope Milledge continues to help out with the offense.

bryan said...

Interesting take. Mr. Anti-Clutch true. Milledge is really stepping up.