Monday, July 30, 2007

Mets Trade Rumors: Luis Castillo

Bryan and I had a pre-lunch discussion about the current Mets situation including the recent trade rumors about Luis Castillo from the Twins. Castillo is a pesky guy who I've always hated having to face. I remember when the Marlins had Juan Pierre & Luis Castillo at the top of their lineup and them just being a pain in the neck to get out.

If the Mets traded for Castillo they would have that same type of scenario with Reyes & Castillo at the top of the order. Luis Castillo is the ideal #2 hitter. He can get hits, bunt, and plays solid defense. The Twins would probably want a young pitcher and a guy like Gotay or Gomez for Castillo who is only 31.

I hate to give up Gotay, but Castillo is still putting up solid numbers and is a proven hitter/fielder. I'm torn, honestly.

I do think that the Mets needed to add a pitcher rather than a hitter to their lineup. Preferably a relief pitcher. Aaron Selee is wasting space in the bullpen, and I've lost confidence in Guillermo Mota. Don't even get me started about Blowenweiss.

I'm hoping they can do something to get Chad Cordero, but if Luis Castillo is a prospect and a Double A pitcher away from becoming a Met, I think they have to jump on it.

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bryan said...

Your man crush for Gotay ended quickly.