Thursday, July 26, 2007

How Much Do You Trust Tom Glavine?

Tom Glavine is one win away from 300, but last night with a 6-0 lead I had a bit of deja vu from the Dodgers game where Glavine didn't last 3 innings with a 6-0 lead in the first. And this got me thinking.

How much do I trust Tom Glavine?

I'll be ecstatic when he gets win #300 with the Mets, but there's something about Glavine's pitching that makes me worry. He's never been overpowering, and he still has a great breaking ball.

But if you were to have one Mets pitcher on the mound for a big game, you think you'd want it to be Tom Glavine. But I know that the majority of you right now would pick another pitcher.

El Duque has blown some games, Oliver Perez has given up some home runs, and even John Maine has pitched badly. But somehow we know that they will come back and perform in a tight spot, especially El Duque.

That can't be said for Tom Glavine right now, at least in my mind. He's playoff tested, one of the smartest pitchers in the game, but if you told me the Mets season was riding on the performance of Tom Glavine on any given night, I'd be a little nervous.

Please prove me wrong Tommy. Bring a no-hitter to the Mets for win #300.

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