Tuesday, July 24, 2007

O Pedro, Where Art Thou?

The Mets are a team of constant sorrow this year. You'd think we were in last place, but even atop the NL East standings there are times of trouble and disappointment. As much as Jorge Sosa has helped the team this year, I'm anxious for him to step aside and see the return of an old friend.

Pedro Martinez.

Pedro pitched a simulated game yesterday and is scheduled to begin his rehab starts in the minors in the coming week. So if my calculations are correct, assuming he spends a month rehabbing, he'll be back at Shea around August 23rd.

That's a little later than they were projecting for most of this season, but it is just in time for the home stretch in September. But by then will it be too late? Let's say the Mets don't pick up another pitcher before the trading deadline because they are awaiting Pedro's return. What happens if he's not up to par? I guess we're stuck with Jorge Sosa, Mike Pelfrey or Dave Williams (please, no Vargas).

It's a chance the Mets are taking and it may work out. Even still, I'm anxious to see Pedro in the dugout and on the mound.

I guess even a little Pedro is better than a lot of Sosa.

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