Thursday, July 26, 2007

Milledge Time too Much for Opposing Teams?

This just in: Lastings Milledge is a showboat. He likes to mix in a celebratory move & groove when he does something good…or when his teammate hits a home run, and that doesn’t sit well opposing teams. For the second time in as many nights, Milledge was drilled by a Pirates pitcher for acting what his manager thought “…a little overzealous.”

The fact is, if the guy produces I don’t care. I don’t mind guys if they talk the talk as long as they can walk the walk. And so far, Milledge has been doing just that, which is perfectly fine with me. Play hard, give it 100% out there on the field, and we’ll love ya for it. He can be like Jeremy Shockey in that way; He’s the kind of player you hate on the other team, but you’d love to have him on yours. And I’m glad we have him.

For more on Milledge’s “colorful” style, read BEN SHPIGEL’s piece in the NY Times and in ANTHONY RIEBER's article in Newsday.

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dave said...

Ever-Lastings Thrilledge, baby! I love the showboat and the fact that he laughed it off at 1st base. Must be Rickey's influence.