Friday, July 20, 2007

Latest Mets Trade Rumors

How about Sammy Sosa in right field?

Nah, I don't think so either, but some people will not let this trade rumor die. David Lennon of Newsday wrote an article this morning asking if it's time to consider a trade for Sammy Sosa. Last time these talks started was back in 2005 and the thought was to make Sammy a major component of the Mets lineup.

Today, Sammy Sosa would just be a side act and could probably be gotten at a decent price.

I still say no to Mr. Sosa. With Alou hopefully returning, we'll have the right handed bat we need in the middle of the lineup. And let's face it, this is still not the Sosa of 1998 so there's no way I'm giving up young talent to get him.

Other Mets rumors include a continued pursuit for Jermaine Dye, which I'm not crazy about either. I just don't think he's a corner outfielder to build on for the future, and I'd rather see Milledge, Beltran, and Gomez as an outfield for next season.

One last rumor has the Mets taking a chance on a veteran starter who was a former Cy Young Award winner just coming off a season where he hardly played.

That's right, Pedro is coming back. Let's see if he's still got the stuff. After Glavine's performance last night, we need it.

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