Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Go Get Mike Piazza

I'm starting a new campaign to bring Mike Piazza back to the Mets. ESPN.com has been reporting that the A's are shopping Piazza and possibly even trading him to the division rival Angels.

You know how Billy Beane likes to talk with the Mets about trades and I think it's time we considered bringing Mike Piazza back where he belongs for the close of his career. Here's why.

1. We need another power bat off the bench - Take a look at our bench and name one guy you can see hitting a game winning home run. Castro? Maybe. Easley? Not likely. Gotay? Probably a single or a double. Piazza would add that pop to the bench that the Mets need, especially if we make a playoff run.

2. We need Castro to be available - Lo Duca is good, but Castro has been other-wordly. But Willie won't pinch hit him because he'd be using his only back up catcher. Piazza would allow Castro to be used more.

3. Piazza is ten times better than Mike DeFelice, Sandy Alomar Jr, etc. - Let's be frank. No one wants to see DeFelice up to bat. Alomar Jr.? Ditto. Hmmm, having a hall of fame catcher with 300+ home runs as your 3rd string catcher = priceless.

He'd probably pass through waivers and for the pure mystique of seeing #31 back in Mets pinstripes would be priceless. Who's with me?


bryan said...

Would love to see Mike back at Shea!

Jose said...

Wow, that is one of the best ideas I have heard. Lets bring Mike Pizza back. He would be a great addition to the bench and help at times for backup catching.

I am backing your campaign.

Jacqui said...

Has it occurred to you Piazza might not WANT to be a pinch hitter? The way he's been swinging the bat justifies his playing everyday.

Yeah...take a HOF bound player and relegate him to pinch hitting/3rd string catching duties. Especially someone who has meant so much to the Mets. Oh that's priceless all right.