Monday, July 30, 2007

Ramon Castro: El Capitan

Call him whatever you like, but Ramon Castro to me is now "El Capitan." Ramon Castro continues to impress pretty much everyone with his bat this year. But not to be overlooked is that Castro calls a good game and plays well defensively too.

Did anyone notice that for the last few games Castro's intro music when he bats it is "The Imperial March" from Star Wars (a.k.a. Darth Vader's intro music). I love it. Not sure if it's a play off of Pedro Martinez's nickname for Castro, which is Bucket Head, or if it's the fact that he seems to smack the ball hard every time he swings the bat.

Castro's 400+ ft. home run yesterday was a spectacle to behold. He killed it amidst the pouring rain. On a clear day it would have hit that huge black structure that sits in center field (does that thing really serve any purpose?).

While I hate to see the Mets suffer another injury in Lo Duca, I do like the idea of El Capitan getting some more at bats. Castro is not the greatest pinch hitter. He needs to be in the flow of the game to perform.

If only he were a little bast quicker. I think he's arguably the slowest man in baseball. He's slower than Julio Franco's bat, which is saying something.

But it doesn't matter if he keeps crushing home runs and hitting with runners in scoring position. Keep it up, El Capitan.

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Mets Grrl said...

Ramon has used the Star Wars music since 2005.