Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Mets Trade Rumors: Hints, Allegations, & Things Left Unsaid

Ah, July trade rumors. They blow in and out as quickly as Lindsey Lohan enters rehab.
It seems there's a never ending stream of possible trades and what ifs surrounding the Mets almost every year. But you know what? 99% of them are pure speculation or just rumors.

Need an example? I present to you the 2006 trade of Xavier Nady for Roberto Hernandez & Oliver Perez. Do you remember ever hearing anything about that trade? I sure don't. The Mets traded a guy who had been solid all year for an aging veteran and youngster who had fallen off the radar.

Was it a great trade? Turned out to be very beneficial to the Mets in the fact that Hernandez pitched well down the stretch and Oliver Perez has been the surprise of the century (although I would love to still have Nady in right field these days). But the thing is the real trades go under the radar until it actually happens.

That doesn't make trade rumors any less fun, but I've got to ground myself in some reality. Like I can't go on believing that Moises Alou will actually play baseball again. Can I?

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