Friday, July 13, 2007

2nd Half Begins, Offensive Woes Remain

While I’ll take a “W” any way we get it, the Mets have to get more hits, period. I know we’ve been beating a dead horse here, but it’s just astounding to see this team, with all of this talent, struggle as mightily as they have all season with men on base. They are absolutely horrible.

In the 6th inning, 1st and 2nd, no outs, the rally ends on 3 pitches after a double play by Lo Duca and a ground out by Green…ugly. And then again, in the 8th, with no outs men on 2nd and 3rd, they fail to score yet again. I don’t’ know what the stats are but they have to be the worst in the Majors in driving in runs with NO OUTS (let alone 1 out) and runners on third. If it weren’t for Rubin Gotay, we would have lost that game.

If this trend continues, the Mets will not win the division.

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