Tuesday, July 31, 2007

300 & 300?

Is it ironic that the movie 300 is being released on DVD the same day Tom Glavine goes for career win number 300 or is it fate?

I hope it's the latter. The trading deadline acquisition of Luis Castillo and some of the other rumors surrounding the Mets has allowed Glavine to focus on tonight's game instead of dealing with a ton of reporters. Yesterday's USAToday ran a great story on Tom Glavine, but other than that there's really been no hoopla surrounding this momentous achievement.

Glavine has not been the pitcher the Mets thought they were getting, but he has been a solid arm in the rotation who has been quietly adding wins to his resume. Glavine had the bad luck of joining the Mets right as they were heading back to oblivion which probably hurt his chances of winning 300 sooner. For that I do honestly feel for Glavine.

There's a lot being said about will this be the last pitcher to win 300 games in his career. If it is I will say it will be remarkable that we were able to witness the last of his class to take the mound at Shea. Glavine is not Tom Seaver or Doc Gooden, but he proves that a man who knows his craft and continues to work at it will have a stellar, Hall of Fame career.

I trust that Glavine will win tonight and the Mets will make every effort to give him an early lead to work with. But I'd much rather see Glavine not just win tonight, but win for us in October as well.

Good luck, Tommy.

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