Saturday, July 14, 2007

This Feels A Lot Like 1999

The Mets played a well fought game on Thursday night only to find themselves blown out on Friday.

Welcome to the Mets, Rickey Henderson.

John Maine had zero help from his defense last night, and made some bad pitches early that let this one get away. You have to tip your hat to Brandon Phillips. From goat on Thursday to 6 RBIs on Friday is quite a turnaround.

But as I was watching this painful affair, I had a bit of deja vu. This season feels a lot like 1999. Remember that season? The Mets played pitifully in the summer and it took a stellar September to get them into the playoffs.

The only difference is this year we are in first place when we're struggling instead of in the NL basement. It's the disappointment that reminds me of 1999. Knowing that you had a solid lineup, some good pitching, and you just can't seem to pull it all together.

That 1999 season was totally reliant on the bat of Mike Piazza, but it seemed that no one else could contribute in the clutch. So far it's the bat of Jose Reyes that's keeping us afloat.

As exciting as a pennant race is, I don't want one. Willie Randolph needs to right this ship and infect the players with the confidence and capability we all know they have to win.

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bryan said...

Interesting comparison. I remember the Mets almost blowing it in September when they lost like 8 in a row and Cincinatti took a 2 game lead into the final weekend of the season. Miraculously, Cincy lost 2 and the Mets swept the Pirates, and went on the defest the Reds in a one game playoff.

Also loved Olerud!