Thursday, July 12, 2007

FOX Director & Crew Blew It

from guest poster, Siroty

Willie Mays, remember him as a Met. Well, at least it’s a tie into this blog posting. I was in our basement and caught myself screaming at the TV during the Wilie Mays tribute on Tuesday.

Did anyone from Fox actually attend a pre-production meeting. Did they know Willie Mays has a Godson named Barry Bonds who would happen to walk with him during the tribute? Did they know that Willie Mays has a personality that they might want to showcase? Did they remember he was called the Say Hey kid for his gregarious demeanor?

I don' think they did.

The director of Fox's telecast thought it was more important to showcase 3 camera shots of people clapping for Willie Mays while we were left to wonder what he was saying to Barry Bonds, feeling his emotions of the moment and actually see the ceremony. Phil Muschnik in the NY Post has complained for years about Fox's crowd coverage, but there is a difference showing the crowd between pitches, than showing the crowd during the actual event.

I think all Fox executives as punishment for their sins should have to watch their Willie Mays tribute over and over and over and over again.

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Blastings Thrilledge said...

The production director for the All-Star game is SNY's own Bill Webb.