Monday, July 23, 2007

Mets Trade Rumors: Chad Cordero

There is a list of Mets Killers that I have tucked away in the corners of my mind. Terry Pendleton, Mike Soscia, Chipper Jones, Pat Burrell, etc.

Chad Cordero is on the list as well. Although he has spent his career with the bottom dwelling Nationals, it seems he is lights out against the Mets. So if you can't beat him should you have him join you?

Rumors are swirling that the Mets are interested in acquiring Chad Cordero from the Nationals to help secure their bullpen. Now Cordero has been the marquee closer for the Nationals, but if he were with the Mets he'd be an 8th inning guy. The Nationals would want cheap, young talent in return so you're probably looking at a Milledge plus a Pelfrey or Heilman.

I hate Cordero for the sole fact that he doesn't bend the bill of his cap, but his pitching is solid. However, he's never played in anything remotely close to a big game while with the Nationals and he doesn't seem like the "nerves of steel" type of relief pitcher that you'd like to see, especially in the Big Apple.

Heilman teased us with a lights out performance yesterday, but I still need more proof that he's the 8th inning guy we want. If we didn't have to give up Milledge, I'd be more inclined to look at Cordero, but he does have some nasty stuff.

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