Friday, July 20, 2007

My Sincerest Apologies, Marlon Anderson

Dear Marlon Anderson,

I believe I may have offended you yesterday in one of my posts that was titled, Why is Marlon Anderson on the Mets? I noted how you were unemployed for the past month and not playing that well to begin with. I also highlighted the fact that the Mets are now carrying 37 second basemen on their roster so I wasn't sure why we needed another one.

Then I turned on the game last night and almost passed out when I saw you were not only starting in left field (man, does Willie have something against Milledge?), but you were batting second in the order (what?).

But I am here to say that I was wrong (for today). You went 2 for 5 with 2 RBI's and a run scored. You got on base when it counted and showed some aggressiveness at the plate. I was absolutely wrong to compare you to David Newhan and for that I apologize.

I hope your anger with me continues to improve your presence at the plate, and if you're hitting prowess starts to falter in the coming weeks I'll be sure to write a scathing post questioning your manhood just to perk you up for a great performance.

Dave, Mets Lifer


bryan said...

Hilarious post. LOL. "Questioning your manhood...."

Anonymous said...
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