Thursday, July 26, 2007

Carlos Beltran: Here We Go Again

Carlos Beltran did not play last night due to a strained abdominal muscle during batting practice.

Here we go again. When Carlos Beltran gets a minor injury it's like a validation for him to not perform. He's got something he gain blame his swing on, and it's often a minor injury that he balloons into needing a week off.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying he's not hurt. He probably is, but this makes me wonder about his performance the rest of the season. Some have speculated that he's been injured the entire season and that's why his numbers are down. I disagree because I've seen him track down more fly balls this year than any other and he doesn't look hurt in the field, just at the plate.

Between Alou, Chavez, Gomez, Beltran, & Gumby (Green) the Mets outfield could fill up an entire hospital wing. I hope Beltran is able to get back on track quickly, but it makes me uncomfortable to think about his performance heading into August.

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