Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Moises Alou: They Call Me Mr. Glass

I think Moises Alou has been hanging around with Carl Pavano because this is getting ridiculous. Moises Alou was scheduled to return to the Mets lineup on Tuesday only to pull himself from returning due to an unexplainable shoulder injury.

It appears that during a rehab start with the Brooklyn Cyclones, Alou swung the bat and tweaked something in his shoulder (I told you to take your Centrum Silver). So Alou didn't want to rush back and injure himself even more (i.e. hypochondriac).

The real question mark for the Mets is they need to know if Alou is going to be able to play for the rest of the season before the trade deadline in case they have a deal in mind to pick up an extra bat.

I can't help it, but Moises Alou is starting to remind me of Samuel L. Jackson's character from the movie Unbreakable (if you haven't seen the movie, go to Blockbuster right now and rent it). Jackson's character, Elijah Price, has a severe case of brittle bone disease so he gets the name "Mr. Glass" from the kids who tease him.

Moises Alou is our Mr. Glass.

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A Friend of Mr. Glass' said...

Woah woah woah -- there's only room for one Mr. Glass on this team, and it's Jose Reyes.