Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A Deal for Rauch or Cordero Will Happen

According to Mets Fever, some sort of deal involving Chad Cordero and John Rauch will happen before the trade deadline. Whether it will be with the Mets or another ball club is still in question, but it looks like the Nationals are ready to move these guys.

The good news is Mets Fever's source are saying that the Nationals are definitely interested in prospects. Now I wouldn't give the Nats Gomez, Milledge, Martinez, or Gotay, but I would give them Pelfrey, especially for Cordero.

The Mets could easily sign either of these guys after the season and both are pretty young so it's not like you're paying for some burned out arm.

The one thing I don't want to see is either of these guys go to the Braves. That would be a problem as the Mets have historically had trouble against Cordero.

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