Wednesday, September 5, 2007

This One Was Mailed In

John Maine was the last guy to know that this Wednesday afternoon game against the Reds was mailed in by Willie Randolph. Of course Maine didn't do much to help his cause, but I think Willie was pleased to have finally won 5 games in a row that he decided it was time to play team B. Scratch that, he played team C.

Jose Reyes finally got the much-hyped "day off" that everyone on talk radio was pleading for (hello, didn't Cal Ripken play shortstop?). Conine got the start. Lo Duca got a day off after tearing up the Reds for 7 RBIs the night before.

Even the bullpen got a day off as Willie marched out call up after call up to finish up this laughing stock of a game. I was pleased to see Humber pitch, but you could tell he was less than happy to be out ther in this situation. By the way what the heck was DiFelice thinking calling for a fastball from Humber facing Adam Dunn? Welcome to the big leagues kid.

You can't win 'em all, but you'd like to see a competitive game every day. Hopefully there's one on Friday. I'd settle for another Mets win at the least.

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