Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Elusive 5 Game Win Streak

What a difference a week makes. Last Tuesday, the Mets began the long anticipated 4 games series with the Phillies with the chance of burying the Philadelphia club. Then it happened. The roughest 4 games of our seasons.

Now, life is good again. With a sweep of the Braves and the return of Pedro Martinez, confidence is back in the Mets dugout. David Wright has become the leader of this ballclub and the Mets lineup appears ready to handle the September stretch run.

One thing still remains undone: a 5 game win streak. The Mets have had half a dozen 4 game win streaks, but have often fallen apart after it ended. We have been waiting for this team to go off and win 7 or 8 straight, and win something like 12 out of 13 games.

Now is the time for it to happen. Willie Randolph has constantly talked about winning games at the end of the season. It doesn't get any closer to the end than September and I honestly think this team is ready to go on a run. With 2 games left in Cincinnati and a 3 game series against the Astros at Shea, there's no reason for the Mets not to win 7 straight and 9 out of the next 10.

This team needs to continue to build its confidence and get some swagger by the time the Phillies roll into Shea next week. They need to be ready to avenge their sweep.

I think they'll be ready.

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