Thursday, September 6, 2007

David Wright to be NL MVP?

Via, I came across this blurb from's Rob Neyer as he discusses the MVP race in both leagues:

" P.S. By all measures I can find -- both numbers and media buzz -- if the Mets finish in first place, David Wright is a lock in the National League. Book it."

I'm shocked to hear a national baseball analyst make this remark. It could be just me but for the most part you'd be hard pressed to find anyone who is complimentary of the Mets outside of Jose Reyes.

I'm surprised by this also because if you compare Wright's numbers this year to Beltran's last year, I think Beltran was a better MVP candidate. But I'm not going to complain about this. David Wright deserves to be considered for MVP. If you base the MVP race solely on where the team would be without that player, Wright is the hands down MVP.

No one is more valuable to the success of the ballclub than David Wright. He's also without question the best hitter in the NL since the All Star break, and those who vote for awards like to see a surge down the stretch.
Sure I'm biased as a Mets fan, but I think the numbers speak for themselves. I'd love for Wright to be the MVP, but right now I just want him to keep leading this team to the playoffs.

And I know that's what David Wright wants more than anything too.

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