Friday, July 6, 2007

Randolph Losing Team?

I think Gary Cohen is on to something: Willie Randolph appears to have lost this team. Shocking? Absolutely, especially when you consider the reputation Randolph has built in his 2 ½ season here. Perhaps even more surprising, is that it seems like the young stars, Reyes and Wright, are the ones he’s not connecting with.

Two weeks ago, it was Randolph talking to Wright in a very animated discussion after Wright had gotten picked off first. Cameras caught everything and it was clear Wright didn’t agree with his manager’s thoughts. Tonight, it was Jose Reyes, who inexcusably did not run out a ball he assumed was going foul. Randolph, in a deliberate attempt to send a message, pulled Reyes out of the game (for the second time this week). Jose was not too pleased as the cameras once again revealed. At one point, Sandy Alomar Sr. went over to share some words of wisdom with him, but Reyes was clearly agitated, and obviously disagreed with Randolph’s decision. He was flat out furious.

Make no mistake, there is something going on internally with this ball club. I don’t know what it is, I can’t put my finger on it but this team is just not “there.” I suspect writers will begin to chip away at something and stories will start to surface. You can bet this will be all over the papers tomorrow. Willie has had 2 or 3 closed door meetings already this season, to no avail. Too many times players have gotten lazy, played careless, or lacked hustle. This is the stuff that starts to reflect on the manager, and when the most energetic, fun-loving guy on the team starts to get caught up in it, the entire team is in trouble. I agree with Cohen when he said Randolph might be put to his biggest test yet. Let’s just hope he passes it.

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dave said...

It's scary. I don't like where this team is headed. I'm hoping Randolph can get it together after the break.