Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Masters of Choke

We are the Mets and we are the Masters of Choke. 

Tonight, we witnessed one of the worst defeats in regular season history for this organization. And there have been some awful ones let me tell you. 

This loss will be so devastating that we will look back on the 2008 season and point to this game as the turning point in the season. Sure we're only 1 game out with 60+ to play, but I guarantee you, the Mets will fail to make the playoffs. Why? Because we have mastered the art of the choke job. When you can't close out a 3 run lead in the last inning of a game that will put you in sole position of first place - not too mention put an enormous amount of doubt into the heads of your bitter rival - you are what is commonly referred to as Chokers. Period. This game is going to do wonders for the Phillies psyche. Thank you bullpen for making it all happen. 

Can you believe they threw up on that game? I mean, really. The Phillies had no business winning that game. Yet somehow, our beloved NY Mets found another creative way to shred the hearts of Mets Lifers everywhere. I know other organizations have suffered more than the Mets and have endured more heartache, but that's only because this team hasn't been around as long as the others. We haven't as many opportunities to blow chunks of cheese but we're sure taking advantage of the chances we get don't we? Ladies and gentlemen, we are quickly becoming the Pre-2004 Boston Red Sox, the Chicago Cubs. We are the new Masters of Choke and that, Mets Lifers, is a very scary thought. I'm not sure how many more of these mind-numbing defeats I can take.      


Brad said...

Last night, after getting home late from work, I turned on the game at 5-3 in the ninth.

And I looked at my wife and said, "Something very bad is about to happen..."

I hate being right about these things...

dave said...

Masters of Choke. Sultans of Spew. Victors of Vomit. The Bosses of Bile. We are the New York Mets.

bryan said...

you knew something very bad was going to happen because...We are the NY Mets. And bad things always happen.