Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Willie Randolph in an Insane Asylum

Who could blame Willie Randolph for being institutionalized? I mean the guy was getting hit from every angle this season. His team wasn't performing well. He was getting asked about getting fired every other day. "His guys" were playing like little girls. Then he gets fired in the middle of the night and his bench coach takes over and brings this team back from the dead to within a half game of first place.If that's not enough to drive you insane, I don't know what will. Thanks to the site CommitYourFriend.com to promote the upcoming film, The Dark Knight, we get to take a peek at what Willie Randolph would look like in an insane asylum. Check it out:
Create Your Own
I love these pointless sites, to commit your friend (or maybe one of the Phillies) visit CommitYourFriend.com.

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