Sunday, July 20, 2008

You Knew This Was Coming

As a Mets Lifer you had to see this series with the Reds coming. You knew the 10 game win streak was too good to be true and this team would come back to earth in blazing fashion.

Sure the Mets won the first game extending their winning streak to ten games. And sure the Mets won the last game in extra innings to split the series.

But the key here is the overall product the Mets put out on the field, and it was far from the quality we saw during the first 9 games of this streak.

In the series with the Reds, the Mets did the exact opposite of everything they did in that stretch leading to the All Star break. This weekend we saw poor starting pitching, bad bullpen support, absolutely no timely hitting with runners in scoring position, and bad play in the field.

In my opinion, we were lucky to escape Cincinnati with a series split, and by some strange sort of luck we're also tied for first place.

And so we the Phillies come to town on Tuesday in the biggest series of the year. I hope the Mets put out a different product on the field against the Phils than they did against the Reds. Otherwise we may find ourselves 3 games back comes Thursday night.

And please do not play Marlon Anderson in left field ever again.

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Brad said...

Marlon just called Todd Hundley for outfield advice.