Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Call to Arm(a)s

Tony Armas Jr. was called up out of oblivion yesterday to start for the Mets. We got what I expected out of him. Some early jitters led to some runs and I figured Armas would struggle a big.

The big surprise was that the Mets actually scored some runs, and they came back from behind to win.

The Mets bats woke up in a big way. Some timely hits. Some extra base hits. And a David Wright home run. It's the first comeback win of the year that I can remember where they came back from being down by 3 runs. This team's MO has been that if they get down early, stick a fork in 'em cause they're done. Is this something that can provide a spark to get a streak going?

Unlikely, but enjoy this win. A split with the Cardinals would be fine with me, but we can't lose 3 of 4 heading into Philly this weekend.

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