Friday, July 25, 2008

Mets Trade Market News

It must be the end of July because every player, except for Derek Jeter, is being discussed in a possible trade to the Mets.

Just a few of the name being bantered about include the usual suspects of Xavier Nady & Matt Holliday, some familiar faces like Barry Bonds and Raul Ibanez, and then some new names being tossed around like Brian Giles and Casey Blake.

The price points for Nady and Holliday are becoming too high for the Mets to enter the arena. It's basically your top 3 prospects and a guaranteed every day player for either of these outfielders.

I think the Mets are banking on the fact that Ryan Church will be able to return to form and aren't necessarily thinking they need that super powered bat to bolster the lineup. That's not necessarily the way they should be thinking, but I can see where they're coming from.

The Casey Blake and Brian Giles options are decent. Both are experienced players who've played in the playoffs before and know the ins and outs of a pennant race. But neither guy is an instaneous bolster to this ballclub. Plus I'm not sure how much I'd want to give up for either of these guys. Maybe Marlon Anderson? I wish.

One name that is not being discussed, which is surprising to me, is Kenny Lofton. Is Lofton laying tile somewhere right now? What's he doing? Why isn't he being talked about? The guy's been on more playoff teams than anyone this decade. Sure he's 40+ but we know he's an experienced hitter, a very good fielding outfielder, and he's got the mental toughness to handle a pennant race.

Now Lofton is not the answer to the Mets problems, but I think he's a viable option if the Mets are seriously looking at Blake or Giles. And Lofton can probably be gotten for less.

By the way, are Blake and Giles really an upgrade from Tatis at the plate? Tatis is batting over .340 since the beginning of June.

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