Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Vote for David

I don’t really get into voting for the All Stars, but for some reason, this year, I feel compelled to help David Wright get in. I’m not sure what I feel stronger about; the fact that he should get in on pure stats (.288/17/70) or the fact that I just cannot accept that Billy Wagner will be our only representative next week at Yankees Stadium. Billy Benitez-Wagner for crying out loud? Please…

Everyone knows Wright should be on this team. The other guys are having nice seasons – I’ll give them that - but Wright is still better. And what’s scary is that he hasn’t even gone off like we know he can. Incredibly, there’s still room for improvement (he’ll be the first to tell you that), yet he’s on pace for 30 and 125. Plus, throw in the fact that he is one of the faces in MLB, and you have the recipe for an All Star. Period. The guy is an All Star!

How great would it be if the stars aligned and you had Mariano Rivera trying to close it out against D. Wright in the final All Star game at Yankees Stadium?

Make it happen NY. Do not let Corey Hart out of Milwaukee make this team over our guy from NYC. Vote for David here.

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Anonymous said...

what the f? granted he got robbed by hurdle but are you mets fans seriously telling me that some warm beer drinking, cheese eating milwaukeeans are out voting us? d wright is not the type of guy to publicly campaign for himself so we gotta step and make it happen...the game is going to be a special one and new york's favorite son deserves to participate..and i'm sure he'll appreciate it.